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From Pencil Sketch and Blue Sky thinking, we love to talk through creative challenges that push the live event horizon.


We take those challenges and work them, test them, sometimes break them. Then make sure all aspects are not only creatively stimulating but also technically viable.


We live in a 3 dimensional world so we think, design and work in 3D. Our applications and technology follow a path to maximize creativity with technical reality – images, influences and ideas through to 3D drafting and technical layouts. We love to blend technology with creativity.


FIX8Group is exceptional in having the creativity and technical excellence in house for design and idea generation – along with production and live event operational experience which covers all forms of events and broadcasting. Our delivery encompasses the whole production flow from ideas and planning to onsite activation in one smooth process.


We are Market Leaders in innovative event technical delivery.

We operate at the cutting edge of visual production. The core production team offer world beating experience and energy along with the ability to bring the most up to date and startling visual applications into the live arena.
When creativity, content management and system design operate best they operate hand in hand together providing complete solutions complex live environments.
– Projection and LED Mapping
– 3D Interactive Design
– 360º Widescreen
– Immersive Presentations
– Production, Lighting and Video Design
– Programming & Operation
– Content Creation
FIX8Group provides a centre where these complex live environments and detailed productions come to life.

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"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Programing + Operation

Programing + Operation

From pixels to PAR cans and everything in between, the FIX8 team have a wealth of skill and experience of programming at the highest levels. Specialising in, but not limited to, MA2 consoles we love nothing more than getting behind a console whether it’s on site in an arena, theatre, television studio or muddy festival field or back at base in one of our 2 purpose built pre visualisation studios. To us, there is no difference between lighting and video. It is all part of a bigger visual canvas and the programmer has that important task of taking technology and using it to create something visually spectacular that always enhances and compliments the action on stage. We take this role very seriously and from creating millimetre accurate 3D models so that any pre programming seamlessly integrates with the real world set and fixtures, to tireless attention to detail, FIX8 are ready and willing to take on any programming challenge.

Production Design

Production Design

Drawing from our collective decades of experience and the diversity of our past and current clients, FIX8 are well placed to provide the perfect visual design for any concert, event or television show. We always approach every design with a view to making it service the production as a whole. Lighting should blend with scenic and video elements, not compete against them, to create a single visual canvas. We employ a variety of tools to bring our designs to life at every stage of the process. From producing photo realistic visuals, to comprehensive, detailed CAD plans as well as great relationships with some of the industry's leading rental houses, you can trust FIX8 to deliver from concept through to show time, every time. 

Project Management

Project Management

The devil is in the detail and at FIX8 we are all about the details in every aspect of our projects and events. We have an experienced Project Management team on board with years of combined experience working on some of the most complex events of recent times. We can manage all technical aspects of any event or conference from initial brainstorming sessions right the way through to final delivery. We work very closely with our in house design team to ensure that briefs are being followed and that someone is always keeping an eye towards budget and schedule requirements. Our team has a friendly approachable yet highly professional manner that end clients love which helps them feel at ease when delivering their event in what can sometimes be an intimidating technology filled environment. Whatever the event requirements, FIX8 has the ability to see it through.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Technology is a wonderful thing but it can also be a nightmare to some people. At FIX8, we understand that there is a need to be able to take technology and seamlessly integrate it into whatever application it is required. Whether it is cutting edge projection mapping software, the most advanced multi channel moving lights or something out of the norm such as motion tracking or creative LED or virtual reality. We love to take all the new and different elements and make them work in harmony. We can take multiple technologies and blend them together or integrate into a new environment where you would not normally expect to see it. We have fantastic relationships with some cutting edge software and hardware developers who we work closely with to help realise any brief. Nothing is impossible to us.

Content Creation

Content Creation


Welcome to the FIX8Group team, Ben!

We’re delighted to welcome Ben Hyman to our team as a Senior Project Manager. Ben has significant industry expertise, most recently as General Manager leading a team managing and delivering large scale live events. We’re pleased he has chosen to bring his wealth of knowledge, production management experience and technical skills to strengthen our Management team.

Ben said ‘I’ve known Neil and the team for a number of years and have always been impressed with the way that FIX8Group focus on finding the best technical solution for their clients. It’s a great time for me to join the business as there are some really exciting changes planned’.

Neil Trenell adds ‘We’ve worked closely with Ben on various projects over a number of years – his client focus is second to none but he’s also able to deliver creative technical solutions, so we were delighted when he agreed to join the FIX8 family.’

Ben will be focused on supporting the delivery of FIX8Group’s projects.

FIX8Group creates a digital Communications Canvas for Renault Sport Formula One Team’s Garage

FIX8Group, a leader in pioneering event technical design and delivery, worked alongside Renault Sport Racing (RSR) to conceive and integrate a seamless, interactive, multi-purpose visual display for the Formula One (F1) team’s high-profile, pit lane touring garage.

Providing an important visual information highway for both RSR’s race team, their VIP visitors and RSR sponsors, the 40K wide, digital display canvas features enhanced interactive connectivity that enables the RSR team members, VIPs and Renault Sport Formula One Team sponsors to respond to race critical content, live, as it happens, while interacting with screen resolution native content, IP streamed content, trending social media threads and sponsor marketing messages in real time, via advanced touch screen technology. Crucially, the content can also be viewed from the pit lane and can be seen by the TV broadcast cameras, further maximising the all-important ROI for the Renault team and its sponsor messaging.

François Puentes, Head of Marketing Services for Renault Sport Racing states: “Transforming our guests’ experience whilst improving the Race Team’s work conditions in the garage were two key elements that FIX8Group helped deliver. Crucially, FIX8Group have been nothing but remarkable from the initial briefing to project completion. They have demonstrated high levels of creativity combined with the flexibility required by our industry.”

“The Renault team were looking for a multi-purpose installation that could be further developed over future seasons,” comments Neil Trenell, managing director of FIX8Group. “Our team was tasked with both the design and specification of a system that could display all the information the race team required alongside the sponsor marketing messages, social media feeds and news channels the VIPs would find interesting. In addition, VIP visitors can observe the race team in action and control and interact with what they see via intuitive touch screen technology.”

FIX8Group’s dedicated team of digital specialists designed custom HTML touch interfaces to provide connectivity for a number of components of the display and which are accessible at various levels to the Renault race team and their VIP audience. Individual digital players connect directly to each 4K screen and are synchronised via the network to provide a seamless playback of content across the whole 40K pixel canvas.

Although technically sophisticated, the end user interface is designed to be intuitive, requiring little or no instruction to access. In addition, the portable and robustly designed system has been created to meet the technical rigors of RSR’s global touring schedule and to be simple to install at each race site.

Paul Williams, technical director for FIX8Group concludes: “The system was integrated and tested in RSR’s UK factory in Enstone in June 2017 and debuted at the Silverstone GP with no issues. We continued to provide onsite support for an additional three races, however, for the remainder of the season. The marketing and race teams were able to run the system backed up by remote support from the FIX8Group team.”

Operations team

We’ve strengthened our Operations Team

This year we have delivered a large number of new projects with new and existing clients and we are now busier than ever before. To support this, we have expanded and strengthened our Operations team.

Joining Charles Wright, Head of Operations in our Stockport Head office is Lewis Wilkins, who has worked as a freelance Lighting technician for 5 years, Christian Scherrer, who comes to us from an electrical background and speaks 3 languages, and Lyle Whyatt, who supports our logistics operation.

FIX8Group support Peter Kay’s ‘Dance for Life’

Peter Kay’s ‘Dance for Life’ 2017 tour was a series of fundraising ‘dance-a-thon’ parties, with all profits going to Cancer Research UK.  FIX8Group were chosen to support the show, produced by SJM Concerts (Production team Andy Redhead, Mike Oates and Laura Bartlett) and designed by Simon Barrington (Show Producer) with LED screens, cameras and playback control for seven arena shows where ‘DJ PK’ transformed them into giant grown up discos.

FIX8 partnered with Euroscreens to provide a giant 21×7 metre LED screen and 2 IMAG screens. A key part of the show design was that Peter Kay had ultimate control of the whole live show from his ‘Control Station’ on stage which featured a custom midi trigger system, designed and manufactured by FIX8. This allowed Peter to control live camera feeds and the clock on stage.

Neil Trenell, FIX8Group’s Managing Director said ‘It was a great show to work on, technically challenging with superb people but most importantly the whole crew knew we were part of a team raising money for a great cause’.

Lighting Project Management and Programming for Umbro Advert

FIX8 were approached by Director of Photography Shaun Atherton to help bring his and Beautiful Productions ideas for the latest video advertising campaign for the new Umbro Velocita boot to life. We advised Shaun on the best fixtures to use to create the best effects possible as well as sourcing the suppliers for the equipment. We chose to use PRG to supply all the moving lights and cable infrastructure and they were more than willing to take on this challenge, which due to studio availability had a tight timeframe.

On site Fraser liaised with shoot Gaffer, Simon, to integrate the moving light rig with the more traditional TV elements to ensure it would all run as one system which Fraser could easily control and manipulate from his GrandMA2 console to create any look that Shaun and the Umbro team wanted.

Here is a link to the finished product!


Production Company: Beautiful Productions

Director:  Richard Oliver

Director of Photography: Shaun Atherton

Gaffer: Simon Atherton

Lights by: PRG and P.K.E Lighting

Rigging: KRS Rigging Services Ltd

FIX8Group delivers immersive digital experience at LeadDog installation

LeadDog Marketing Group, the award-winning, integrated experiential marketing agency, recently appointed event technologist FIX8Group to manage, design and deliver the visual and digital technology for a boutique experiential installation in both Paris and London on behalf of the $46bn global personal technology company Lenovo.

Aimed at a curated group of Lenovo’s customers, the events attracted top architecture/engineering and technical firms to discover and experience the latest in Lenovo computer technology.

Conceived and led by LeadDog, the tech installation was built around a series of interactive digital drawing applications and a facsimile of a digitally enhanced underground train that featured an interactive LED floor, wall mounted touch screen technology and LED lit ceilings and walls.

With a brief to visually align the concept with Lenovo’s messaging on interconnectivity and the business’ controlled path into the future of technology, FIX8Group worked in tandem with two of Lenovo’s design teams to create and deliver the content, technology and control systems, along with the fabrication design team at Millington Associates who built the physical train carriage.

“For the touchscreens inside the tube train we liaised with production and an internal designer at Lenovo and for the interactive drawing package we worked with the internal digital team at LeadDog,” said production director for FIX8Group, John Montague. “All the content for the LED floor and the LED pixel tape roof in the underground train was created by FIX8Group digital animator Henry Crawfurd and programmed on site using blend and merging techniques in our Green Hippo media servers.”

FIX8Group provided the management and system design for several touchscreen drawing apps, which directly conveyed the resulting images to portrait-hung 75″ wall mounted televisions. The company also designed and specified the digital control and created the dynamic digital content that continuously played across the underground train’s bespoke LED floor and pixel mapped roof.

The project design demanded numerous technical elements, which had to work seamlessly together under continuous use for prolonged periods of time as Montague explained: “We needed robust tried and tested yet discrete technology that would impress a knowledgeable audience, evoking a futuristic and forward looking experience. We were working with multiple channel Bluetooth headset communications that needed to relate to the content on specific screens in a small space, which was challenging. We also had to seamlessly mix the Pixel tape mapping with the LED floor and content from the 55″ touchscreens, which in itself involved a HTML based interactive file and a host of other complex control systems.”

The multi-skilled FIX8Group also installed and managed all the wifi networks across the various venues for the guests and production along with all power and distribution for the entire event.


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