From Pencil Sketch and Blue Sky thinking, we love to talk through creative challenges that push the live event horizon.


We take those challenges and work them, test them, sometimes even break them. Then make sure all aspects of the process are not only creatively stimulating but also technically viable.


We think, design and work in 3D. Our technologies combine creativity with technical reality – images, influences and ideas through to 3D drafting and technical layouts, blending technology with creativity.


We have the creativity and technical excellence in house for design and idea generation – with production and live event operational expertise. Seamlessly delivering the whole production flow from idea to onsite activation.


We are Market Leaders in innovative event technical delivery. We operate at the cutting edge of audio visual production. The core production team offer world beating experience and energy, along with the ability to bring the most up-to-date and startling visual applications into the live arena.
When creativity, content management and system design operate best, they operate hand in hand, providing complete solutions in complex live environments.

Our services include –  Projection and LED Mapping, 3D Interactive Design, 360º Widescreen, Immersive Presentations, Production, Lighting and Video Design, Programming & Operation, Content Creation, among others.

FIX8Group provides a centre where these complex live environments and detailed productions come to life.

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."



Programing + Operation

Programing + Operation

From pixels to PAR cans and everything in between, the FIX8 team have a wealth of skill and experience of programming at the highest levels. Specialising in, but not limited to, MA2 consoles we love nothing more than getting behind a console whether it’s on site in an arena, theatre, television studio or muddy festival field or back at base in one of our 2 purpose built pre visualisation studios. To us, there is no difference between lighting and video. It is all part of a bigger visual canvas and the programmer has that important task of taking technology and using it to create something visually spectacular that always enhances and compliments the action on stage. We take this role very seriously and from creating millimetre accurate 3D models so that any pre programming seamlessly integrates with the real world set and fixtures, to tireless attention to detail, FIX8 are ready and willing to take on any programming challenge.

Production Design

Production Design

Drawing from our collective decades of experience and the diversity of our past and current clients, FIX8 are well placed to provide the perfect visual design for any concert, event or television show. We always approach every design with a view to making it service the production as a whole. Lighting should blend with scenic and video elements, not compete against them, to create a single visual canvas. We employ a variety of tools to bring our designs to life at every stage of the process. From producing photo realistic visuals, to comprehensive, detailed CAD plans as well as great relationships with some of the industry's leading rental houses, you can trust FIX8 to deliver from concept through to show time, every time. 

Project Management

Project Management

The devil is in the detail and at FIX8 we are all about the details in every aspect of our projects and events. We have an experienced Project Management team on board with years of combined experience working on some of the most complex events of recent times. We can manage all technical aspects of any event or conference from initial brainstorming sessions right the way through to final delivery. We work very closely with our in house design team to ensure that briefs are being followed and that someone is always keeping an eye towards budget and schedule requirements. Our team has a friendly approachable yet highly professional manner that end clients love which helps them feel at ease when delivering their event in what can sometimes be an intimidating technology filled environment. Whatever the event requirements, FIX8 has the ability to see it through.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Technology is a wonderful thing but it can also be a nightmare to some people. At FIX8, we understand that there is a need to be able to take technology and seamlessly integrate it into whatever application it is required. Whether it is cutting edge projection mapping software, the most advanced multi channel moving lights or something out of the norm such as motion tracking or creative LED or virtual reality. We love to take all the new and different elements and make them work in harmony. We can take multiple technologies and blend them together or integrate into a new environment where you would not normally expect to see it. We have fantastic relationships with some cutting edge software and hardware developers who we work closely with to help realise any brief. Nothing is impossible to us.

Content Creation

Content Creation



FIX8Group add 3D visualization and collaboration environment Cavrnus to their stable

We’re delighted to announce we have been appointed official reseller of the CavrnusTM spatial visualization and collaboration environment.  In response to the unprecedented communication challenges being faced by our customers in 2020, FIX8 Group will now be able to offer the world-leading spatial visualization platform as part of our technical delivery of events.

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FIX8Group achieve ISO 9001 accreditation

FIX8Group are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded ISO 9001 accreditation. This means that our Quality Management System meets international best practices for business processes.

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Where technology’s influence starts and stops

As a leading provider of creative and technical event solutions, FIX8Group has a complex relationship with technology. In some ways we rely on it – but only to an extent. Technology enables us to do lots of things – from efficient collaboration, planning and previsualisation, to the creation of powerful, flexible and reliable control systems and the delivery of amazing sound and vision for special events on the grandest scale.

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World Mental Health Day: be there for each other

Today marks World Mental Health Day and I am sure we all know someone who has battled with this at some point in their life.

The stigma associated with mental health issues is thankfully being tackled. There is now more help than ever before but anyone suffering with such issues, the hardest part is admitting to yourself and then reaching out for the help and support.

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Why asking the right questions is key to event success

As a ‘creative and technical event solutions specialist’, we love technology at FIX8Group – it’s an essential part of our toolbox. But, as we all know, the tools aren’t going to build you the event of your dreams – a skilled creative and operational team is.

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