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We all face a challenge with communication in our evolving world. Without live events, how do we deliver the excitement, immersion and experience we need to achieve our communication goals? To produce virtual and hybrid events that can do this, we need more than just a big screen.

We've taken everything we've learned from decades of event experience to create a flexible, robust and complete event architecture to enable creativity, an entire virtual event solution under one roof.

The Hub

A unique, complete virtual event connectivity centre, designed exclusively for the delivery and management of virtual and hybrid events.


All the technology, systems, processes and people you need under one roof, the Hub offers full remote event production, including extensive capacity for managing signals from broadcast locations worldwide. We can facilitate a large number of remote connections and bring them together in produced, professional solution.

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The Studio

The dedicated Studio offers a 216sqm space with 6m of clear height in which to create extraordinary event experiences. With a dedicated lighting rig, comfort monitors, relay monitors, audio control and optional 12m x 4m digital LED backdrop, it provides the creative flexibility and agility to change the scene instantly making the event experience even more authentic.


The Hub can use a blend of platforms to deliver your content message with maximum impact and absorption. The Hub offers multiple ways that audiences can immerse themselves in an event, whether it's watching it as a stream, interacting dynamically with polls or Q & A via apps or custom microsites or viewing the content in a 3D environment. The Hub has capacity to deliver multiple concurrent events with high quality bandwidth and low latency.

Master Control Room

The digital glue which sticks everything together. The Master Control Room is the heart of the delivery solution with visibility and control of the entire end-to end connections, providing confidence in the delivery of your event.


The Hub has comprehensive disaster planning and provision built in. Its network is fully robust and architected to allow maximum flexibility for its management, whilst retaining the security, continuity and certainty you need. All critical components are geo-resilient which means if there’s a problem with a connection or data centre, we can still deliver.

The Gallery

Where the creativity is controlled and where multiple feeds can be combined into a quality programme for the audience to view. The gallery gives producers the control they need to add the final touches and finesse to a show, giving consistency and professionalism to the output.


The Hub has multiple fast connections to the internet providing seamless continuity in case of failover and minimising risk to your event.

Gallery 2

All of the control and features of our main gallery in a more compact space, the perfect solution for smaller events or as an additional space for large shows.

Octocue remote presentation control

An innovative, cross-platform solution, allowing multiple presenters to take control of presentations during a live show from anywhere in the world.

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