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FIX8Group was commissioned by the British BWT Racing Point F1 Team to consult, design and deliver a full Audio-visual and networking solution for a brand new, three-story, state-of-the-art ‘Motor Home’ for future F1 seasons. The building would provide the hub for the team and corporate hospitality for all of their European races and be fit-for-purpose for at least the next decade.

FIX8Group worked closely alongside the manufacturers of the Motor Home, Werk33 and Jost, both based in Germany, to integrate the audio-visual networking and display systems required. The new Motor Home debuted at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2019 and is still in use today.

The challenge

The motor home is constructed from 24 modular “pods”, crane lifted into place and stacked on top of each other.  From the inside, the interior design achieves a seamless finish, with all services hidden and linked together in a completely modular format (water, electricity, data, air conditioning etc).  With such tight build schedules, the AV network as a whole needed to be simply plug and play – an initial AV network had already been designed by another party, however, during the initial consultancy, it became apparent that a radical rethink about the networking and IT capabilities of the Motor Home was required, so FIX8 worked closely with local AV integrator TSD to redesign and re-specify. The team required remote system monitoring and detailed network visibility, allowing full control of all systems without any physical on-site presence, and to ensure any issues were resolved during the build. We also needed to demonstrate that our solution provided agreeable ROI. 

Our AV, networking and control solution needed to be extremely flexible, modular and quick to build, whilst ensuring off-the-shelf components were used, ensuring spare component availability over the lifetime of the project. 

We were also running against the clock – the motor home needed to be ready for Barcelona’s F1 race, just four months from the initial contact with FIX8Group, and with construction of the motor home already underway.

The solution

FIX8Group provided technical consultancy, design, support, and installation assistance with the project. Our solution involved specifying the enterprise grade data networking solutions, AV control systems, digital signage systems and detailed networking monitoring systems, coupled with the required speed of service for the set-up and breakdown of the motor home system.  

Our in-house creative design team developed a digital, visual identity for the motor home, to display on-brand messaging on the displays, and installed an iPad based EPOS till system for full catering and back-of-house management. 

FIX8Group redesigned the display & content management systems, creating a network-based IP solution with BrightSign digital signage players players attached to all displays throughout the motor home.  This allowed a custom control interfaces to be created on iPads to recall graphics, videos, live television or various IP streams from FOM such as timing, leader boards and other associated race information on the 25 displays across the motor home. 

The team also designed the building’s modular data distribution, using a 24 core MTP fibre as backbone between each pod – 24 cores of fibre per floor and container – with a modular patch bay at each join to create ultimate flexibility. We built the virtual configurations and fibre patch, with on-site configuration undertaken by TSD. 

The whole data network was switched at 10Gbps, with an entire switching capacity o f960Gbps. 

We collaborated with the Racing Point IT Team to support them in training and facilitate access to their corporate network, by integrating their MPLS network connectivity into the network design, ensuring, tight security protocols and network traffic sensitivity of information passed over the network. 

Overall, we specified 25 LG screens of varying sizes, which could all be monitored individually using LG’s SuperSign system. 

For lighting, we recommended brand-colour searchlights, making a statement into the sky from the site of the motor home in each location.


This was a hugely successful project delivered on-time and within budget, thanks to the strong relationship between FIX8Group and Racing Point – we have a proven track record of delivering for F1 and understand the industry’s requirements.  

Our redesign of the AV infrastructure saved the client a sizeable amount of money, while still providing world-class equipment that will last the course. The result is a home for the F1 team at each racing event that is the most technically advanced and most future proof of any operation in the paddock.

Images courtesy of BWT Racing Point F1 Team and Huslig Collective

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Ben Hyman, Senior Project Manager

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