Digital Shadows trade show game

Black Hat USA trade show

Interface design | Interaction design | Touch response technology


Digital shadows, market leaders in digital risk protection, approached FIX8Group to brand, develop and deliver their concept for an interactive touchscreen game to promote SearchLight™, a software that continuously protects against external threats.

The game was designed for implementation on the Digital Shadows stand at the BlackHat USA 2019 trade show in Las Vegas. BlackHat is the world’s leading information security event which showcases the very latest in research, development and trends.

The challenge

The purpose of the game was to highlight the features and functionality of SearchLight™, whilst providing a method of sparking engagement between delegates and Digital Shadows representatives.

Digital shadows provided us with the following reference material: colour palette, brand font and a bank of imagery.

With the game objective and narrative predefined by the client, our focus was orientated around designing the visual aesthetic and assets (background, button, and text animations) in line with the brand guidelines.

Asset development backgrounds + HUD elements

Backgrounds were animated in parallax with HUD tracking elements to aid the story narrative, which appeared simultaneously on-screen.

Buttons and clock

FIX8Group Studio designers worked closely with the game coder to create designs that were not only aesthetically appealing and on brand but that could also be functional when recreated in code. Design iterations were initially communicated as static animation phases. Chosen concepts were then animated to give the client a visual representation of the final look.

Initial start button concept

Final start button design

Final clock design

Game icons

Digital Shadows provided FIX8Group with the icons to be used in the game. FIX8Group vectorised these and designed the user interface.

Game demo


This project required a quick response to a tight deadline while still maintaining a professional approach and outcome, and FIX8Group delivered. 

The client was ultimately thrilled to take a finished product to a live exhibition setting that helped to boost engagement and further their brand.

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Ben Hyman, Senior Project Manager

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