Swords and Eagles film at FIX8Group HQ

The FIX8Group facility was recently turned into a film and photo shoot set, for Swords and Eagles Production Company to film an internet based promotion for their client, Motor and Snow Sports equipment provider, RuRoc.

The FIX8 building was one of several ideal venues in which Swords and Eagles production company and the legendary Music Video Director KC Locke worked closely with their client RuRoc and FIX8Group to create a space be-fitting with the storyboard around a Cyber Attack affecting stock market prices and ultimately reducing prices of RuRoc products ahead of a Black Friday price crash.

An LED screen within the FIX8 Studio space aided a photoshoot and provided a backdrop of flexibility and agility in changing scenes instantly to provide the most suitable environment to promote the full range of RuRoc headgear.

Filming took place in a number of areas of the facility and some amazing off-site locations. The Swords and Eagles art department created some mesmerising graphics and VFC, whilst FIX8 incorporated innovative lighting techniques within their facility to create the optimum environment for the story to unfold. Intruders dressed in black combat fatigues equipped with laser guided imitation firearms added to the excitement of the promotion.

“It was a delight see the facility used in a completely new and different manner” reported Mark Porter, Managing Director, “The entire crew treated the facility with respect throughout the project, since ultimately it is a working environment and not a film set. The attitude to COVID safe working practices was demonstrated at all times in a very professional manner. We look forward to working with the teams on other exciting projects in the future.”

A number of locations had been scouted before choosing the FIX8facility. “The entire environment, technology already in situ, layout of the building and outside spaces fitted in so well with the concept we were trying to capture” said KC Locke. “Its fun utilising new spaces and creating a story, in line with a clients brand ideas.  Its one thing coming up with an idea, but it’s the team around me who bring the spark to life’ Added Locke. “The team at FIX8 were helpful throughout the filming and did everything in their powers to accommodate our requirements.”

The team at RuRoc commented "The FIX8 office space is incredible and it fitted the video concept perfectly. We were blown away by the LED screens and how well it worked as the backdrop of all of our Black Friday campaign imagery! Massive thanks to the team at FIX8 for letting us use their office and for being so accommodating on the day. We'll definitely be back again soon!" 
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