Lighting Up Bristol With Children’s Christmas Cards

The FIX8Group team, like everyone else, haven’t been out much this year. But were back on the road in November bringing some much-needed Christmas cheer to Bristol (and beyond) with a suitably impressive festive installation.

Creative agency The 5Gs selected FIX8 as technical partner to execute Vodafone’s enormous “Connect the Magic” light display. The team, along with some of our reliably excellent network of freelancers, spent six days working at dizzying heights to bring the idea to life.

No strangers to producing pixel mapped signage of any size, our technicians rose to the challenge, putting 129 metres of truss to work to support a 22 x 15 metre screen, composed of large RGB LED “baubles”.

Working around the challenging weather conditions, the aerial ballet of a pair of 80-foot cherry pickers, telehandler and 20 tonne crane navigating each other to put the upper portions of the structure in place. By the morning of day 5, engineers were in the air ready to hang 50 strings of festoon totalling around 1600 programmable LEDs. Later that day everything was secured in place ready to begin a festive light display of children’s home-made Christmas cards supplied via social media. For every card submitted Vodafone is donating to Barnardo’s, raising vital funds this Christmas and giving children a chance to see their card designs displayed on Britain’s biggest and brightest Christmas card.

This installation was certainly a challenge, but one which the team attacked with the usual enthusiasm and professionalism. Enormous structures, extreme heights, hundreds of lights, and challenging conditions were no match for planning, experience and the ability to deliver a creative solution.

A big thanks to The 5Gs, Vodafone, No Nonsense, our talented freelancers and our own team for working together to bring some light to the end of a tough year.

Read more about the project at Vodafone News Centre

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