FIX8Group Launches ‘OctoCue’

New virtual presentation software solution OctoCue has debuted its web-based service which enables smoother and more professional virtual events by allowing slide control from anywhere.

Developed by leading technical event specialist FIX8Group, OctoCue enters the market as the only professional-level control solution to offer live notes feedback, multi-presenter capability and seamless presenter switching. It features an easy-to-use interface which simplifies show control, enabling speakers to smoothly deliver their message in a virtual environment from wherever they are in the world.

Inspired by the rapid take-up of virtual events during the COVID-19 crisis, OctoCue offers a solid, long-term answer to the clunky and disjointed presentations that have been an inescapable feature of video conferencing systems until now.

“Many of our clients were asking how they could present virtually, but with the same production values and wow factor that they could achieve with live events” says Paul Williams, FIX8Group’s Technical Director “In response, drawing on the expertise of FIX8’s team of event specialists, we developed a way of giving them the same level of behind-the-scenes cueing and control that makes live events so effective.

“OctoCue allows the presenters to focus on the job of presenting, and gives the audience a seamless, professional and impactful experience.”

OctoCue allows remote presenters to use any web-enabled device to control their slides and simultaneously view real-time slide notes. Show operators can monitor presenters, preview their clicks, and switch slide control between them, as required.

OctoCue interfaces directly with presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Google Slides, providing redundancy by controlling multiple machines running the same presentation. Show information can be sensitive, so all data passing through OctoCue is encrypted by default.

For presenters that prefer physical buttons to touchscreens, OctoCue supports a range of handheld show controllers, such as Logitech and Kensington presentation remotes. Native Apple and Android Apps, plus a host of other features, are in development to further ease setup and use.

“We’re thrilled to bring OctoCue to the market,” says Nick Roberts, head of development “Seamless slide control for virtual events has been a problem for a while, it’s great to be able to offer a tool that’s been designed to fix this issue.”

“It’s great for presenters and gives event technicians the control they need. We have big plans for even more operating options over the coming months – keep an eye on our new OctoCue site for updates!”

It is available on a free trial basis or paid subscription at

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