Creating Renault Sport F1 Digital Comms

FIX8Group, a leader in pioneering event technical design and delivery, worked alongside Renault Sport Racing (RSR) to conceive and integrate a seamless, interactive, multi-purpose visual display for the Formula One (F1) team’s high-profile, pit lane touring garage.

Providing an important visual information highway for both RSR’s race team, their VIP visitors and RSR sponsors, the 40K wide, digital display canvas features enhanced interactive connectivity that enables the RSR team members, VIPs and Renault Sport Formula One Team sponsors to respond to race critical content, live, as it happens, while interacting with screen resolution native content, IP streamed content, trending social media threads and sponsor marketing messages in real time, via advanced touch screen technology. Crucially, the content can also be viewed from the pit lane and can be seen by the TV broadcast cameras, further maximising the all-important ROI for the Renault team and its sponsor messaging.

François Puentes, Head of Marketing Services for Renault Sport Racing states: “Transforming our guests’ experience whilst improving the Race Team’s work conditions in the garage were two key elements that FIX8Group helped deliver. Crucially, FIX8Group have been nothing but remarkable from the initial briefing to project completion. They have demonstrated high levels of creativity combined with the flexibility required by our industry.”
“The Renault team were looking for a multi-purpose installation that could be further developed over future seasons,” comments Neil Trenell, managing director of FIX8Group. “Our team was tasked with both the design and specification of a system that could display all the information the race team required alongside the sponsor marketing messages, social media feeds and news channels the VIPs would find interesting. In addition, VIP visitors can observe the race team in action and control and interact with what they see via intuitive touch screen technology.”

FIX8Group’s dedicated team of digital specialists designed custom HTML touch interfaces to provide connectivity for a number of components of the display and which are accessible at various levels to the Renault race team and their VIP audience. Individual digital players connect directly to each 4K screen and are synchronised via the network to provide a seamless playback of content across the whole 40K pixel canvas.

Although technically sophisticated, the end user interface is designed to be intuitive, requiring little or no instruction to access. In addition, the portable and robustly designed system has been created to meet the technical rigors of RSR’s global touring schedule and to be simple to install at each race site.

Paul Williams, technical director for FIX8Group concludes: “The system was integrated and tested in RSR’s UK factory in Enstone in June 2017 and debuted at the Silverstone GP with no issues. We continued to provide onsite support for an additional three races, however, for the remainder of the season. The marketing and race teams were able to run the system backed up by remote support from the FIX8Group team.”

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