3D spatial collaboration enabling visualisation and simulation for training, engineering, operations and planning. On-the-fly content sharing, no updates to check, packages to install or headaches to deal with.


like no other

When video conferencing and screen sharing is not enough, Cavrnus™ takes us to the next level.
Collaborate in a live 3D space, move freely in any direction, draw on any surface, discuss changes in real time, add audio or text notes in accurate virtual environments, present pdf files and share your view or guide other users.

The next level of


Imagine viewing video content and graphics on the fly, with the feeling of true-to-life scale without an extensive workflow. With Cavrnus™, you can. Update and view content instantly, in real time and see it from any angle with total coverage.

We have an

In-house creative team

Our dedicated team of Cavrnus™ experts are on hand to assist with creating environments and content, and can help with advice and training in all aspects of the software. We have a highly skilled team which can create 2D and 3D content, everything you see here was created at FIX8Group. We have some amazing clients, but everyone needs a little help sometimes.

Give feedback

Leave feedback for others or as note for yourself in video, audio or text formats, to actioned anytime day or night.

Play animations

Import your own 2D and 3D animations to be used and viewed inside your Cavrnus™ environments.

What could Cavrnus™ do for you?