Bentley EXP 100 GT launch

Geneva Motor Show, March 2020

Lighting | Sound | LED screens | Touch-response technology | Aroma dispersion


Luxury car manufacturer Bentley chose the prestigious Geneva Motor Show to launch its ‘radical’ new concept car: the EXP 100 GT. Inspired by the elements of travel – the light above, the air around and the earth beneath – the supercar is designed to stimulate the senses and promote wellbeing, while offering an incredible driving adventure. Bentley and its creative partners, including the Fresh Approach agency, approached FIX8Group to create a memorable launch experience, immersing the audience in a three-zone multi-sensory, interactive environment congruous with the car’s visionary design and high-end spec. FIX8 took time to meet with both Bentley and the on-board creative agencies to listen, understand and share in their vision to deliver the launch event solution.

The challenge

The FIX8Group team needed to design and deliver a solution befitting the Bentley brand, within budget, and on time. We were required to devise this within the restrictions of an existing exhibition stand structure which had been built for a prior launch event. The brief was clear: to convey Bentley’s brand messaging and the EXP 100 GT’s key features in a manner that would engage the audience, with elements of touch, smell, sight and hearing built into a truly interactive exhibit. FIX8 needed to translate these complex requirements into a technological reality, delivering an immersive, experiential exploration of the brand and the product. In addition, lighting, screen and sound equipment needed to reflect the sustainability/environmental focus of the EXP 100 GT’s concept.

The solution

Pre-planning and pre-visualisation was key. FIX8 used the most advanced VR to create a fully immersive, interactive 3D model of the stand, to enable the client to get a true sense of the space. This allowed development of the stand and the experiences to be truly collaborative. FIX8 also constructed a full-scale replica of the stand at its warehouse facility, complete with screen, lighting, projection, sound, and a stand-in car.  

The exhibition stand was created as three zones: the main car showcase area, a space focused on the manufacturer’s brand values, and another looking to Bentley’s future.

Sustainability is a key focus of the brand and the car, so we responded by using low-energy LED light sources throughout. The EXP 100 GT was lit by four Ayrton Huracán-X fixtures, allowing for flexibility in control and design. The car was enveloped by a horseshoe-shaped, hi-res LED wall to ensure the brand message was presented on the best possible canvas. 20,000 lumen projectors turned the car itself into a projection surface, ensuring it remained the centrepiece of the stand.  

In the secondary zones, FIX8 co-created a custom-built RFID tool which enabled visitors to place objects on a plinth, which in turn triggered visual content via LED tape. A device was installed to disperse relevant aromas within the space – such as the scent of pine when video content showed the EXP 100 GT driving through a forest.

“When Bentley unveils a ‘radical’ new concept car, the launch event requires the best in technological design and innovation. Creating the stand experience was a truly collaborative process and I’m proud of the FIX8 team for delivering a solution that drew on every strength we offer, from pencil sketches to 3D modelling to advanced technology designed to perfectly reflect the brand and convey key messaging.”

Neil Trenell, Founder, FIX8Group


This project drew on FIX8’s raison d’être: a complete, in-house, end-to-end solution drawing on every element in our armoury, from spending time with the client to listen and understand, to pre-visualisation and replica build, to the specification of appropriate technology and professional delivery. FIX8 provided a solution that reflected Bentley’s vision for the EXP 100 GT: superior craftsmanship, extraordinary experiences, the fusion of sustainability and advanced technology.

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Ben Hyman, Senior Project Manager

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