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From Pencil Sketch and Blue Sky thinking, we love to talk through creative challenges that push the live event horizon.


We take those challenges and work them, test them, sometimes break them. Then make sure all aspects are not only creatively stimulating but also technically viable.


We live in a 3 dimensional world so we think, design and work in 3D. Our applications and technology follow a path to maximize creativity with technical reality – images, influences and ideas through to 3D drafting and technical layouts. We love to blend technology with creativity.


FIX8Group is exceptional in having the creativity and technical excellence in house for design and idea generation – along with production and live event operational experience which covers all forms of events and broadcasting. Our delivery encompasses the whole production flow from ideas and planning to onsite activation in one smooth process.


We are Market Leaders in innovative event technical delivery.

We operate at the cutting edge of visual production. The core production team offer world beating experience and energy along with the ability to bring the most up to date and startling visual applications into the live arena.
When creativity, content management and system design operate best they operate hand in hand together providing complete solutions complex live environments.
– Projection and LED Mapping
– 3D Interactive Design
– 360º Widescreen
– Immersive Presentations
– Production, Lighting and Video Design
– Programming & Operation
– Content Creation
FIX8Group provides a centre where these complex live environments and detailed productions come to life.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Our Team

Neil Trenell

Neil Trenell

Managing Director

It’s a creative space out there, let’s use it all!

John Montague

John Montague

Production Director

Detail is one good thing, quick reaction to change creates the right balance

Nick Charalampidis

Nick Charalampidis

Technical Director

Protocols and Pixels, Media Servers and Data, this Greek has all the gifts

Fraser Walker

Fraser Walker

Designer and Programmer

From Pixels to PARs, this Scot knows all the right buttons to push.

Frankie Dinsley

Frankie Dinsley


Office goddess keeps us all on track and under control

Charles Wright

Charles Wright

Warehouse and Logistics

Remembers what’s buried inside every box

Filipe Martins

Filipe Martins

3D and Environment Designer

Never mind 360º or x,y and z. there’s dimensions out there only Filipe can see.

Helen Marenghi

Helen Marenghi

Project Coordinator

Richard Kenyon

Richard Kenyon

Creative Director

Animation and Graphics

Henry Crawfurd

Henry Crawfurd

Junior Animator

Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Project Director

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


Some Fun Facts

Pixels Pushed (Million)
Miles Traveled
Trucks Loaded
Worn out Coffee Machine


Programing + Operation

Programing + Operation

From pixels to PAR cans and everything in between, the FIX8 team have a wealth of skill and experience of programming at the highest levels. Specialising in, but not limited to, MA2 consoles we love nothing more than getting behind a console whether it’s on site in an arena, theatre, television studio or muddy festival field or back at base in one of our 2 purpose built pre visualisation studios. To us, there is no difference between lighting and video. It is all part of a bigger visual canvas and the programmer has that important task of taking technology and using it to create something visually spectacular that always enhances and compliments the action on stage. We take this role very seriously and from creating millimetre accurate 3D models so that any pre programming seamlessly integrates with the real world set and fixtures, to tireless attention to detail, FIX8 are ready and willing to take on any programming challenge.

Production Design

Production Design

Drawing from our collective decades of experience and the diversity of our past and current clients, FIX8 are well placed to provide the perfect visual design for any concert, event or television show. We always approach every design with a view to making it service the production as a whole. Lighting should blend with scenic and video elements, not compete against them, to create a single visual canvas. We employ a variety of tools to bring our designs to life at every stage of the process. From producing photo realistic visuals, to comprehensive, detailed CAD plans as well as great relationships with some of the industry's leading rental houses, you can trust FIX8 to deliver from concept through to show time, every time. 

Project Management

Project Management

The devil is in the detail and at FIX8 we are all about the details in every aspect of our projects and events. We have an experienced Project Management team on board with years of combined experience working on some of the most complex events of recent times. We can manage all technical aspects of any event or conference from initial brainstorming sessions right the way through to final delivery. We work very closely with our in house design team to ensure that briefs are being followed and that someone is always keeping an eye towards budget and schedule requirements. Our team has a friendly approachable yet highly professional manner that end clients love which helps them feel at ease when delivering their event in what can sometimes be an intimidating technology filled environment. Whatever the event requirements, FIX8 has the ability to see it through.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration

Technology is a wonderful thing but it can also be a nightmare to some people. At FIX8, we understand that there is a need to be able to take technology and seamlessly integrate it into whatever application it is required. Whether it is cutting edge projection mapping software, the most advanced multi channel moving lights or something out of the norm such as motion tracking or creative LED or virtual reality. We love to take all the new and different elements and make them work in harmony. We can take multiple technologies and blend them together or integrate into a new environment where you would not normally expect to see it. We have fantastic relationships with some cutting edge software and hardware developers who we work closely with to help realise any brief. Nothing is impossible to us.

Content Creation

Content Creation


Man at desk mapping a 3d rendition

FIX8Group further enhances FIX8Studio to provide outside access to latest multimedia technologies

FIX8Group have been busy developing FIX8Studio: a fully supported visualisation and training space at the company’s Stockport headquarters, which gives visiting production companies, studios and creatives direct access to the latest digital content control and interactive resources.

Although the studio has been used internally by the group for some time, it came into full existence as a rentable space late last year, in response to increased demand from theatre, corporate, music, TV studios and arena shows which have complicated and large scale digital content requirements. As production director John Montague says, “We offer advice, modelling, digital content management and animation creation that exists on the cutting edge of this new world – but also one which can draw on the global experience of FIX8Group as a whole.”

FIX8Studio works with the latest server and control technologies, with developer knowledge of Hippotizer/Shape, the latest d3 releases and Watchout v6. “In addition, the Studio also has fantastic knowledge of Ventuz, Midi Protocols, Cin4D and 3DMax rendering along with the usual 2D and 3D packages,” adds Montague, “ensuring that each of them will be used to the maximum effect on any show.”

One of the studio’s strongest offerings is the linking of 3D ideas and visuals into a 3D visualised workflow, then to content rendering. This can happen through the most simplified route when required, or in the studio with full 4k screens for the most precise visualisations.

The studio specialises in offering its clients a collaborative approach and environment, consulting on different areas of the production as required. “We’re always open to some boundary pushing and technology development,” says Montague, “so long as it is technology which matches the creative purpose.

“We see a lot of technology on shows, and sometimes it seems like it’s there for the sake of it. Our deep knowledge of interactivity, combined with creative animation skills, allows us to make the absolute best use of the right digital response to a brief or question.

“We also work hard internally to develop and stay at the front of the curve for projection and control developments within FIX8Group and we bring these elements into the studio world of digital content to really understand how to make a fantastic show.”

FIX8Group’s work has been as varied as supplying programming and server systems to concert tours by Girls Aloud and Nine Inch Nails; corporate production for a global pharmaceutical company; 3D and interactive development for a leading petrochemical research company; cross and pan-European building projection work; interactive BtoC installations for experiential companies and video programming on the Eurovision song contest this year. The FIX8Studio gives customers direct access to the same skills which made these projects possible.

“Since the studio opened it has proved incredibly popular,” Montague concludes, “and we’re even looking at the development and growth of interactive activations – both in how to bring the clarity and sharpness of design which FIX8Group is known for into the digital content and in the end physical activation. It can be a minefield for designers and production alike, so FIX8Studio will help guide and advise through this minefield to get to the sharpest and cleanest production around.”

FIX8Group delivers awe-inspiring video content on Eurovision 2016

FIX8Group was part of the team operating the stunning video content for all 43 competing acts as well as pop megastar Justin Timberlake’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (ESC 2016).

The 61st edition themed ‘Come Together’ was held at Stockholm’s Globe arena and hosted by last year’s Swedish champion Måns Zelmerlöf alongside returning host Petra Mede.

We were live to over 200 million viewers around the world as they tuned in to watch the grand final. This total included the USA, where the show was broadcast live for the first time in the show’s history.

Neil Trenell and Fraser Walker were out representing Team FIX8 having been asked to come on board by returning Video Designer Mikki Kunttu. This was Neil’s second outing as video programmer having been part of the team with Mikki in Malmö in 2013. Our team was also boosted by Pekka Martti who brought the compliment of programmers to 3. Having 3 programers all working in a single session allowed us more flexibility for making quick and concise changes during the fast paced rehearsal weeks. For example one would be working on a projector line up, another tweaking colour in the multiple LED surfaces with the third adding all this into the cue stack or timecode tracks to ensure everything was frame accurate during playback. 

It was an incredibly large-scale project. There was around nine terabytes of content, and seven and a half thousand files. Each output required seven different media maps to get a single image on the screens so the team wrote a series of macros in order to quickly be able to grab any of the 200 media layers in use at any time and quickly put it into the correct bank and it’s associated surface specific media within that bank.  

The carefully crafted video content which was a mix of loops, stills and locked timecode files was displayed across the stage’s 900 metres of LED screen, which included the super high resolution floor of 71 million pixels, and 10 Barco HDQ 40k projectors each fitted with a High End Systems MMS 200 moving mirror system.

Mikki would also work closely with the show’s 2 multi camera directors and the delegation representatives to ensure that the visuals looked perfect in every shot. He would then feedback any changes that needed to be made. This could be either major changes or the smallest of tweaks such as “adding 4 extra stars to the bottom right LED wall in shot 24.”

The creative process saw several versions of video content for each nation, for example, Cyprus had as many as ten versions in total. Revisions were constant, right up to the final broadcast but this was easily managed by the team who utilised the MA2’s powerful timecode engine to quickly switch between versions of tracks or to mute any accents that were no longer needed.

The visuals were powered to the screens using Green Hippo Hippotizer-V4 servers which were controlled by MA Lighting GrandMA2 consoles. The consoles were supplied by ESC 2016 official technical supplier [LITE]COM. The LED and projectors was supplied and installed by Mediatech and the servers themselves were supplied by Swedish company Pixel Flood.

Hippotizer-V4 worked really well – the engine was stable throughout. Green Hippo were also very helpful in adding features to the servers to suit our needs, from being able to control the Visualiser’s views over DMX to adding a colour based time stamp to every single piece of encoded media. This allowed us to keep track of the adjustments and manage our media a lot more effectively as we could see with a simple glance at our Zookeepers if new content had been uploaded or not and with so much content coming in at an hourly rate, this was an invaluable addition to the software.

Ola Melzig, technical director of Eurovision 2016, comments: “The FIX8Group team are incredibly good at what they do and know how to get the maximum effect out of the Hippotizer. If you give Neil the simplest video clip he will turn it into million-dollar content, just with his MA2. He does a lot of effects on the fly and brought the whole thing to life.”

The Eurovision 2016 grand final took place on Saturday 14th of May. The Ukraine came out on top, with their entry from singer Jamala. 


This project was a real team effort with everyone going above and beyond the call of duty in order to make it happen. As programmers we were incredibly well supported by our Head of Video Morgan Brown, Mediatech Project Manager Casey Bennett with his team and our fantastic server techs from Pixel Flood, Anders Granström and Magnus Grönberg. We were incredibly proud to be part of such a great event.


Man standing by electronics rack

FIX8Group Expands Dry Hire Division

Visual production expert FIX8Group is expanding its dry hire division with the addition of a wealth of new products under the direction of the company’s Technical Director, Nick Charalampidis.

Charalampidis, who has been with FIX8Group since early 2013, is now responsible for enhancing the division’s dry hire inventory with industry-leading products, carefully selected to suit almost all requirements.

“Before joining FIX8Group I worked with Green Hippo for five years, so my knowledge of Hippotizer servers and software is second to none,” said Charalampidis. “I am adding an array of Green Hippo kit to our stock, including the Boreal, Karst and Amba servers, with the new, powerful, v4 software.”

FIX8Group’s technical mission is to always give the best service possible – to supply servers set up in the correct way and loaded with the right software to suit the user’s requirements, and to provide help and assistance whenever and wherever needed.

“In addition, we’re increasing our stock of d3 servers, to include the flagship d3 4x4pro, which is capable of four 4K outputs or sixteen HD outputs,” added Charalampidis. ” We’re very proud to have two d3 Studios within the company and to offer in-depth experience of d3 operation and setup to help any project.”

FIX8 has also recently invested in Dataton Watchout for both hire and internal events, expanding its service and rental offering with customised racks.

“FIX8 continues to expand our media server variety and knowledge across many systems to stay at the forefront of the industry, something which I’m thrilled to drive forward,” said Charalampidis.

The team is also charged with staying cutting edge with control desk solutions, including MA Lighting’s GrandMA2 full size, light and fade wing desks and PC software. Alongside this, the associated infrastructure is available, including dual link 16-way and 8-way matrices, 16-way DVI matrices, 4K PPU and much more.

“Our vision is to provide kit attuned to a truly 4K workflow,” added Charalampidis. “We’re aiming for dry hire excellence, and nothing less.

“I’m excited to further strengthen FIX8’s position in the dry hire market and building on our strong relationships with both end users and our brands.”


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