TRT Cocuk Live Broadcast Kids Show

Elsewhere in the world, FIX8 was recently approached by Phantom Event Engineering to look after all the video elements for TRT Cocuk Live Broadcast Kids Show in Turkey.

FIX8 was challenged with projecting huge amounts of content onto 250 polygons in a 3D environment. These were positioned on all sides of a basketball arena, requiring individual mapping on each polygon.

“There were 33 countries from all over the world each performing a three-minute dance routine, and for each country we had different content playing synchronized across all screen areas creating a magnificent giant picture,” explains FIX8’s Video Project Manager Nick Charalampidis. “We were tasked with delivering the content across multiple machines, and ensuring continuity of playback on all servers at all times. The whole floor was also being projected creating a giant canvas picture for every act of the show.”

Project Details

Client: Phantom Event
Tasks: Video Programming, Content Management, Projection mapping

Charalampidis worked closely with the Creative Director Qmars Kalami from the early stages, looking after all the UV mapping and camera render positions for the polygons as well as the floor and the Gates.

For the purpose of the project FIX8 managed and looked after a huge amount of video control gear. FIX8 provided the video control servers and also looked after Phantom Engineering’s own equipment onsite. Kit included 16 x Hippotizer HD (FIX8); 2 x Lightware 16×16 Matrix (FIX8); 1 x GrandMA2 Light (Phantom Engineering); 2 x NPU (Phantom Engineering); 8 x Panasonic 21K (Phantom Engineering); 1 x 18K Christie Roadster (Phantom Engineering).

The Projection Canvas Pixel Count Resolution on the Floor was 3992×516;

Polygon North: 4930×790; Polygon South: 4930×790; Entrance Wall West: 2444×568; Entrance Wall East: 2444×568.