Nine Inch Nails

FIX8 were approached by our friend Mikko Linavouri to take over from him on the 2014 Nine Inch Nails European Tour as the “on the road” video programmer. Linavouri had already updated and re worked the show that was originally programmed by Loren Barton but the nature of the way in which NIN’s Trent Reznor was always adapting his live show, meant that there was often reworking and tweaking of numbers right up until the last day of the tour.

Working closely with Lighting Designer Paul “Arlo” Guthrie and Art Director Rob Sheridan, FIX8 not only ran the day to day operation of the video for the show but also were on hand to make any changes to content or cueing that were requested. With a large LED wall, 4 xbox kinect cameras and 81 Ayrton Magic Panels to contend with, we were kept busy dealing with challenges that a system of this size sometimes threw at us.

Project Details

Client: Nine Inch Nails
Tasks: Music / Programming

Using a combination of 2 Hippotizer V3 HD’s, 2 Grasshoppers and a custom playback system for the Kinect cameras (developed by Motion Factory) all controlled from a Grand MA 2 Fullsize, we were privileged to help create one of the most visually and musically impactful shows on the road.

From there FIX8 were asked to continue our work with the band in the US with their co headlining tour with Soundgarden. Again FIX8 took on the on the road video programming responsibilities working with the video crew from PRG Nocturn. The show itself, redesigned had forgone the magic panels for large moving video carts in their place that the crew had to perfect the complex choreographed routines to get the movements right in order not to cross or trample the feeder cables to the carts and create a seamless show. It was a tough run for all involved, touring all across the United States and Canada but it was worth all the hard work as once again we helped create a truly incredible concert experience.