Michael Bublé Tour DVD Shoot

The old NIA Arena in Birmingham was being relaunched as the Barclaycard Arena and what better way to do it than with global singing mega star Michael Bublé. To mark the occasion even more, Michael and his team had decided to use this as an opportunity to film the show over his two night residency.

FIX8 were approached by Director of Photography Brett Turnbull to act as lighting programmers for all the extra fixtures being brought in for the shoot and to integrate them into the existing show. We worked closely with a top class crew from PRG to load in all the lighting for the shoot and then with the tour crew to patch the two control systems together. We talked with Michael’s LD Kurt Wagner to ensure that above all else, his vision for what the show should be, was not compromised by the addition of all the TV lighting and cameras.

Project Details

Client: Steam Motion & Sound
Tasks: Music / Programming / TV
Website: steammotionandsound.com/

We utilised the new cloning wizard on the MA2 to quickly and precisely map individual parameters from specific tour fixtures to our own TV units as requested by Kurt as the best way to ensure a smooth integration. With a full camera dress rehearsal that night, time was tight to get all the programming required done so by cloning all the fixtures to existing touring ones and creating some new positions and focuses for them we were able to have something close to what the actual show would look like in record time. Then it was just a matter of going through and tweaking colours so that everything looked great on stage as well as on camera.

Michael put on a great show on a stage full of custom gags all designed and built by TAIT Towers. Kurt had produced a beautifully crafted light show that we were privileged to help capture on film.