This was to be the tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the formation of one of the most popular girl groups in British music history. FIX8 were asked by Iain Whitehead of Production North to come on board as lighting and video programmers for LD Peter Barnes.

Preparation began by building a highly detailed and accurate 3D model in our pre visualisation studios which allowed us to build lots of looks and basic cue structures for all the songs ahead of arriving for pre production rehearsals. Matching lighting colours to the graphics on the LED screens gave us a head start in creating a more polished look so that when the girls arrived for rehearsals on the second day after load in, we already have a good first draft of all the lighting. Of course things changed and a few late nights were required but the hard work was worth it and a dynamic pop performance was created which delighted thousands of fans in sold out arenas up and down the country.

Project Details

We also supplied all of the media servers and consoles for the tour. 2 Hippotizer V3 HD and 2 Grand MA2 Light were required as well as NPUs and video processing equipment. The entire show ran on timecode and the set list was set from day one to ensure a perfect reproduction of the show every time, every night.