Following the success of last year’s event, Ashfield Meetings & Events approached FIX8 to design and program the 2014 event which was set to be bigger and better than the previous year. The design, it turned out, was conceived on the back of a napkin while sitting in the bar after the load out of last year’s conference. It was certainly some alcohol fuelled blue sky thinking but to our delight, our design was approved and we got to build what became a mammoth 360 degree projection screen.

The scale was immense. A plenary for 2500 employees, 3 awards shows in hotels for 800 people each, a bigger awards show featuring a full cast of singers and dancers, an all night mega club style experience, a 10k run with stages at the start and finish…oh and 165 breakout rooms…across 5 hotels. Did we mention it was also in Tenerife?

Project Details

Work started early in 2013, planning where the giant truss structure would go in the venue, what shape it should be and it turned out our final design only just fitted. There was a total of 10mm of tolerance so our calculations had to be spot on or it wasn’t going to fit.

We worked closely with creative agency Rapport who produced all the content and graphics for the event as well as a large technical team from Robert Lawrence Creative Solutions who supplied technicians for all the break out rooms, plenary and award shows.

We utilised 12 Hippotizer HD i7s (6 active, 6 back up) to run content through 12 20k panasonic projectors supplied by VER. There was also a full multi camera PPU system there to record the presentations and also to provide IMAG for the event itself. This, along with capture sources from Keynote and Playback Pro as well as timecode audio being fed in to trigger certain videos meant our video programmer and server techs were kept very busy around the clock.

Lighting was controlled from a pair of MA2 Fullsizes with an NPU rack to handle all the processing. Lighting had to be functional and simple in the plenary sessions but then be able to spring to life and create a real intimate club experience. FIX8’s design team chose to use a large quantity of ROBE Pointes and 600 LED Washes to help create the diversity of looks that were called for by the brief.

This event pushed us all creatively and technically and there were many long nights that merged into very early mornings but we worked with a great team who were all committed to creating a unique experience and one that hopefully the people that saw it, won’t forget.